Andy Cumming

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‘Culture Reboot’ 2013 by Andy Cumming

‘Culture Reboot’ was inspired by Terrence McKenna’s “Light of the 3rd Millennium” speech where the idea of culture being an operating system is explored.
The film is a combination of abstract sounds from my own circuit bending performances and abstract visuals that have been created to resemble a meditative experience that would resemble a psychedelic / shamanic journey of emptying ones mind of the restrictions of culture.
I feel that the use of colour and layering found in my film are very much inspired by the practices of printmaking, where experimentation and unexpected mark making is very much part of the process and as a very inexperienced film maker I wanted to use the same influences that had inspired my printmaking to inspire my first short film.

Was shown online as part of the Edinburgh Printmakers Short Film Award 2013.